Some of you may have seen this before. Decided to make it into a fan Pokémon.

Asterclops - (ROCK/FIRE) - Asteroid Pokémon

Height: 7’07” (3.3 m) - Weight: 683.4 lbs. (310kg)

  • Ability 1: Sturdy – cannot be knocked out in one hit
  • Ability 2: Evaporate – takes only 25% damage from water attacks

DEX 1:Scientists have recently observed these creatures dwelling on asteroids in outer space. Some of them landed on Earth millions of years ago. Tectonic activity increases wherever Asterclops gather.

DEX 2: Asterclops’ thought processes are completely alien. It sleeps standing up with its magma eye open. It will remain standing even after it is hit by an earthquake or tsunami.

Sample moves: Mean Look, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Lava Plume

Base stat total: 520 / Highest stat: Defense

It may be a stand-alone Pokémon or have a pre-evolution.

felt like redoing an oooold pic of Morgan (like, the second ever picture) to gauge artistic progress and design evolution and stuff.


i went to plymouth, massachusetts. it’s a very cute town, very touristy of course, but super charming!

  • went whalewatching, saw a mother and calf humpbacks and stuff
  • ate great local cuisine (well mostly just north atlantic cod. i love fish mmm)
  • saw the mayflower replica and the actual plymouth rock (the rock is shitty, it’s probably not even the real rock)
  • got a sunburn!

anyway I’m back now, hi!

Anyone got any ideas of things I could draw after I return from my vacation?
as I watch it again for the first time in years, I sorta realize… the first Pokemon movie wasn’t actually that bad???

it’s actually really good despite being cheesy in a lot of ways?? I’ve been watching the entire Indigo League up til now and contextually it’s at least really fitting with what came before up to this point. The few things that bring it down are really just a few dubbing mistakes and the ‘Pokemon aren’t meant to fight’ thing but I mean, at least that’s qualified with ‘…not like this’. also watching The Origin of Mewtwo before helps.

but damn, this is actually a really good movie for what it’s worth?? maybe I’ve just been transported back in time to the mind of a kid in 1999

(Conversely I’m realizing how a lot of the episodes totally sucked, but at least they’re classic)

Hey I just read your about me and saw we have the same birthday! Just thought like sharing and to let you know that if you were two years younger there could only be one and this would be a formal challenge against your life. Love the art, have a good one!

Thanks, you too!

Can I get the link to the nsfw blog?

I’ll repost the warning "WARNING: this blog is only for people over 18. Some of the content may be sexually deviant and there may be unrealistic anatomy that I would not otherwise draw and post on my other blogs"

Sorry about no new drawings besides stuff on the NSFW blog. PGA is happening. Here’s some random stuff from episodes 8 and 9.


There are a lot of people in the world who are hurting even if it’s not apparently obvious. We have to do our best to look after them. If you’re one of them, remember you’re not alone and there’s always someone who’d be glad to talk to you, whether a friend or a professional.

I made this on the computer when I was 8 or 9 years old

I made this on the computer when I was 8 or 9 years old